58th AFI Symposium

June 6, 2018 – The AFI Annual Symposium, now in its 58th edition, focused on the ongoing changes in the activities of the drug industry as a result of new digital technologies.

Among the speakers, Massimo Beccaria, managing director of Alfa Technologies International (spin-off of Advice Pharma), presented the developments of artificial intelligence applied to clinical trials.

Beccaria explained how AI intervenes during the management of a project by supporting the operator to prevent human error, increasing access to data and simplifying the management of decisions. The results are a significant reduction in errors, costs and decision-making times and a simplification of processes.

The project, advanced by Advice Pharma, involves the creation of an avatar that will support all stages of research. It will provide researchers with immediate access to a network of useful information and data.

Link to the video of the intervention