Digital for Clinical Day 2019

Accelerate Clinical Development with Digital Strategies

November 7, 2019 – 9AM/6PM

Sala Carassa Dadda – Politecnico di Milano, Milan (Italy)

The success of digital transformation in medical research and patient care requires a solid understanding of the two basic interacting components, namely “patient care” and “digital”, at all levels. This event is intended to be a moment of confrontation on the digital transformation in the field of patient care research and management.

The technologies and the digital environment offer many opportunities to identify the health needs of the population and meet them by providing better health care, from prevention and enhancement of behaviors in favor of health, to the study of therapeutic interventions, from clinical research to the administration of care, management of chronicity. As such, digital technologies have the potential to transform health services and care research so as to contribute to the objectives of the health system.

The results and outcomes of the digital transformation in this area will depend significantly on the quality of the process of integrating IT innovation. It will benefit the end users of digital health services, such as professionals, health users or citizens, as well as developers and distributors of digital health services, and governments through their regulatory bodies.

The whole process of development, production, financing, implementation and evaluation requires careful evaluation in this context; the event wants to address these issues with a panel of experts in the field.

9.00 AM
Digitalization of the healthcare industry
E. Lettieri, Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano

9.35 AM
Management of personal data in EU: a threat to patients?

N. Vanin, Data Governance and Information Security Head, TIM
10.00 AM
Research and patient care in the hospital of the future
C. Nicora, Direttore Generale Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia
10.25 AM
Coffee Break
10.40 AM
Access to healthcare technologies in the patient centricity era
G. Beccagutti, Value, Access & Policy Director, Medtronic
11.05 AM
Digital health solutions in real-world setting

N. Porrello, Real World Evidence Leader, Roche

11.30 AM
Round Table: “Market access and patient access to innovation”
L.Cottini, AFI/High Research CRO; A. Ferri, AdvicePharma
Invited experts M. Pinciroli, Vice President Market Access, LivaNova; M. Zibellini, Market access & Pricing, Regulatory Affairs Director, Chiesi; F. Vallana, Chief Scientific Officer, CID-Alvimedica; D. Bonifazi, President, AICRO; F.Patarnello, VP Market Access & Government Affairs, Astrazeneca; G.. Tarantini, President, GISE.
11.05 AM
Lunch Break

2.00 PM
e-devices for patients monitoring
E. Caiani, Professor eHealth and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano
2.25 PM
Impact of mobile-health data on patient management
O. Ciani, PhD, Associate Professor of Practice, SDA Bocconi Milano

2.50 PM
Paving the future of clinical research with digital solutions

C. Tomino, Research Consultant – IRCCS San Raffaele Roma

3.15 PM
Coffee Break
3.30 PM
Standardized management of biological samples and data storage
G. Saltini, Quality Assurance Manager , BioRep, Gruppo Sapio
4.05 PM
Digital cohorts for virtual clinical trials: collecting and preserving data and biosamples to answer medical questions
R. Fesce, Full Professor of Physiology – Dept. Biomedical Sciences & NeuroCenter, Humanitas Medical School

4.30 PM
Round Table “Digital healthcare: opportunities and challenges”

Coordinators: M. Beccaria, Alfa TI; E. Sfreddo, Fondazione From

Invited experts:
G. Recchia, SmithKline Found, daVinci; L. Bergamini: Medical Affairs Director, Janssen-Cilag SpA; A. Ravizza, Founder, USE-ME-D srl – Member of the Board, BioPmed; E. Damiano, Commercial Operations Manager, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Italy; 
 G. Gussoni, Scientific Director, Centro Studi FADOI.

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