Principi di Computer System Validation


L’evento avrà luogo il giorno 18 Febbraio 2020, dalle 8.30-18.00 in sala Arena in via Durando, 39 a Milano


Speaker: Dott. Francesco Abbate

  • Computer system validation general concepts
  • Validation Effort and Methodology – risk based approach – Client vs Supplier
  • Validation responsibility

2. Computer Validation Life Cycle

  • Validation lifecycle general scheme – Planning documents
  • Specification Documents
  • Testing Documents
  • Acceptance Documents

3. How to Maintain the Compliance Status

  • Change Management, control and methodologies
  • Periodic review, tools and methodologies
  • Periodic Maintenance of Computer System inventory
  • On-going procedures (Backup&Restore, Record Retention, Security, Use…)

4. ERES and Regulatory Requirements

  • Overview of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ERES)
  • Different types of Electronic Record (input/output regulated/not regulated, permanent/not permanent)
  • Applicable Regulatory Requirements and System Configuration

5. Remediation Activities

  • Compliance Assessment methodology
  • User Rights Review
  • Examples of GAPs and Corrective Actions
  • Analysis of GAPs Solutions

6. Example of CSV approach applied to a real computerized system (e.g. ICE Advice Pharma)

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